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The Kandel Family - Missionaries w/ MFI

Carrying the Gospel to Haiti and the DR, 5945 Bosque Ln. • West Palm Beach, FL 33415 • United States • (423)542-2252/see/charmin/CM00971

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What is MFI?

MFI, Missionary Flights International, is a technical faith mission based at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) in Florida. This mission provides air support to Bible-centered missions in the West Indies. This Christian mission serves over 500 missionary families and over 100 mission organizations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. John & I currently are accepted with the mission and working on raising our monthly support to begin with the mission this summer. MFI uses the DC-3 aircraft to provide its air service to fellow missionaries and work teams. The DC-3 is ideal for carrying heavy loads of mail, cargo/supplies, as well as passengers. These aircraft are proven work horses! MFI also serves as a purchasing agent to missionaries in Haiti and Dominican Republic. The missionaries call up MFI and inform them of their needs. MFI missionaries then go out and find the items and send them out on the next available flight. Finally, MFI provides a mail service to missionaries in the West Indies. The missionaries use MFI's address in Florida as their mailing address, and MFI sorts the mail by mission organizations there at our hangar at PBI airport. MFI then flies the mail into the countries for the missionaries. In this capacity, MFI helps to lighten the load of everyday living for the missionaries it serves. The missionareis can then concentrate on spreading the gospel of Christ to the people instead of trying to just survive in the country. MFI uses this airplane as a tool to further the gospel into the unreached parts of Haiti, Dominican Republic, and some Bahama Islands. Though MFI is a technical mission, its work is to take Christ to a world without hope, a world who does not know HIM. Please pray for MFI, its missionaries, and the missionaries MFI serves. If you would like to know more about MFI, please email us and let us know.

MFI Update.... Our Role with MFI

After what seems like years of waiting and wondering, John & I are on our way to assisting with MFI's flight service into the West Indies. We want to outline our role with MFI in a little more detail for those of you who have asked. John will be serving as a maintenance specialist. His primary technical duty with the mission will be maintaining and performing inspections on the three DC-3 aircraft that the mission owns. He will be assisting in any repairs that are needed as well as regular maintenance of the airplanes to keep them in the air. John will also be helping to load the aircraft for flight days. The cargo that he will help load includes; mail, supplies, personal belongings of the missionaries, and packages. My role will be first one of a support role to John. I believe it is my ministry to make our home a haven of rest for John and our family as we build it. Next, my immediate role will be a hospitality role. Our home will be a resting place for traveling missionaries during any layover time they may have. I want to offer fellow missionaries a place of Christian fellowship and spiritual revival. In a nutshell, this is what we will be doing with MFI. Outside of these roles,as a couple we will plant ourselves and our talents into a local congregation so that we may also become spiritual ministers on the mission field to which God has lead us. It all boils down, whether on the technical end or the spiritual end, to touching lives for Christ and making the Gospel available to a world without hope. Pray for us that we have our support monthly support raised by this summer, and pray about your part in our ministry with MFI. If you would like to partner with us on the field in prayer and or financially, please let us know. We ask you, children of God, to first pray for MFI and our part with them and,if you feel lead, pray about your part in our ministry with Mfi. Then let us know, we will send you our personal prayer letter, prayer card, and a commitment card on which you can indicate you desire to partner with us. Thank you.

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