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The Champions for Christ Karate Team

784 S. 13th St., • Noblesville, IN 46060 • United States • (317) 773-9923/see/charmin/CM00968

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What is the Champions for Christ Karate Team?

The Champions for Christ Karate Team was established many years ago in a church youth group located in the Philadelphia area. Out of that youth group Jim Pitts became a leader of the team and practiced extra hard to sharpen his skills in Chinese Kenpo Karate. Jim then took his skills and the team name to Bob Jones University and started another team of men there that is in full operation to this day. It is from the team at Bob Jones University that other teams have been started. What are the other teams? There are currently four Champions for Christ Karate Teams including the one at Bob Jones University. 1) Macon, GA - Led by Jim Pitts 2) Charleston, SC - Led by Carl Wood 3) Indianapolis, IN - Led by John Weigle and Brent Sivnksty 4) Greenville, SC (Bob Jones University) - Led by Scott Sivnksty and Tom Parr For further information on any of these teams please use the e-mail address below. We are willing to travel to some of the surrounding areas of our locale. The Bob Jones University Team has travelled most of the east coast during the school season and will take an after school tour from time to time in which many other states are covered.

What are demonstrations?

A demonstration is a full program of martial arts skills coupled with a straight-forward presentation of the gospel. Each team member is trained to break multiple concrete slabs and boards, use weapons, perform kata, give examples of martial arts self-defense techniques, provide illustrations via the martial arts, and preach the Bible.

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