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T.I.B. (Taking It Back)

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God's Spirit is being poured out in this world calling the lost to repentance. This outpouring is going to be the greatest the world has seen as God prepares us for the time of His return.
We believe that God is raising a generation -The Josiah Generation- as a people of destiny to usher in His kingdom. This generation will rise and demolish the uncertainty of the brand "X" label. It is with great purpose and intent that this generation has been staged to be the priests of God in the last days.
God's calling is on us to minister to the hearts of these very young people and lead them to Christ. We believe that through discipling relationships, we can instill the vision God has given for this generation. It is our mission to Take This Generation Back For Christ.
If you would like more information about our ministry or would like to schedule a rally or revival, please contact us via th e-mail on this page.


It has been a tremendous experience of mine to be involved with a group of young people that are beginning to ignite for God. After much time seeking God's will for this group, He has finally revealed it by pouring out His Spirit in their lives. I am amazed as I watch these young people receive from God and mature rapidly in their faith. The fire and desire that burns in them is catching. This group is growing and expanding to the lost in the community.
If you are interested in having us hold a youth rally, lock-in or revival for your Youth, please contact us via the e-mail on this page.

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