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Orthodox Fathers of St. Benedict, 200 Fifth Street • Santa Rosa, CA 95401 • United States •

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We invite you to send us the first name(s) of your family, both living and departed. Our Brotherhood [The Orthodox Fathers of St. Benedict] will remember these names during the Divine Liturgies chanted at the altar of our temple to our Holy Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Send the names in a message to our Guestbook that you can find at the bottom of our main Website: Your loved ones will be remembered in our Orthodox services for one month, unless you ask for a longer time. Incense and candles are traditionally given to be used in the Divine Liturgies for the living and the departed. These may be sent to the ORTHODOX FATHERS OF ST. BENEDICT, 200 FIFTH STREET, SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA USA, 95401.

If you want to contact us privately, send an e-mail to below

Father Hierodeacon Paul

Father Deacon became a riassophore monk in January, on the feast day of St. Paul of Thebes. St. Paul was a friend of St. Anthony the Great. Some think that St. Paul of Thebes was the real originator of monasticism; St. Anthony got the credit. With the blessing of the Metropolitan, Fr. Deacon Paul has been put in charge of this Service of Prayers to all who need to know that their requests are being remembered before God. We pray that all you who visit our sites will also be visited by the Holy Spirit in a wonderful way. May you be led to the "life in Christ" that is the goal of the Orthodox Faith.

All people are icons of the Creator-God. Therefore all of us are accepted by our loving God as His special children. When we put our faith towards God, He shines His light into our hearts. Following the Orthodox Faith, we find His Presence with us day and night. Simple prayer joins us to God, and to each other as we share our life's problems, and especially when we have the loss of a loved one. Your request for prayer need not be only for the Orthodox Christian. You may ask prayer for any person, for any situation in life you may have. God is interested in all of us all the time.

It is our blessing and privilege to join our prayers with yours as you share your requests with us.

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