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The Rev. Robin G. Fisher, Urban Missioner

Office: Grace United Methodist Church, 11th and Union Sts. • Reading, PA 19607-1459 • United States • 610-372-7604/see/charmin/CM00955

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Pastor On The Beat:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Robin Fisher. I am an ordained transitional Deacon in the United Methodist Church assigned to do a new church start in Northeast Reading out of the facility on the corners of 11th and Robeson Streets. I like to call myself "the Pastor on the beat!"

Under the direction of Mr. Jack Scull (affectionately called, "The General,") a group of men from West Lawn United Methodist Church have been working hard on the facility at the corners of 11th and Robeson Sts, plastering and painting every Tuesday and Thursday since late June. They have transformed the building! When we do start services, thanks to these men the building will now enhance the ministry rather than detract from it! Thanks guys! In the service of Jesus Christ, Pastor Robin

How You Can Help:

Prayer is needed to undergird every aspect of this ministry, so if you have even five minutes to spend on your knees for the people in the Northeast section of Reading, please do so!

The Good News of God's love in Jesus Christ, the love of God that warms the heart, will be nurturing the development of a Core Group of people to plan the first services of the new church start and to encourage the new congregation to develop its own servant leaders.

There are already eleven people, four who are from the neighborhood who have said they are interested in serving as part of the Core Group, and for that we are praising God! Just recently a young woman came up after a service and said she would like to help with development of a praise worship team! She is willing to give as much time as we need. Thanks be to God for His amazing grace! The Lord is taking us one step closer to realizing our vision of a church for the unchurched... for those who either have never experienced God's love in Jesus Christ, or who do not have a group of other Christians with whom they can meet for growth and encouragment in their Faith. Keep us in your prayers as we move forward!

AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO RICK AND JANICE CARFAGNIA AND THE MOUNTAIN TOP EMMAUS WALK for keeping this ministry REGULARLY in their prayers, and for their continual encouragement. You are such a blessing! De Colores!

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on this ministry, contact Pastor Robin at the email address listed below.

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