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Extreme Love Outreach - Kevin James Ministries

3155 W. Floyd Ave. E-204, • Englewood, CO 80110 • United States • (303)553-6170/see/charmin/CM00931

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and these signs shall follow them...(Mark 16:16)

Evangelist Kevin James was miraculously healed of severe rheumatoid arthritis as a 6 year old boy. The gifts of the Holy Spirit (signs, wonders, healings and miracles)are demonstrated in all services. Everyone in attendance receives prayer.(Mark 16:20). Kevin James teaches on the spiritual identity of a Christian, how to let "the mind of Christ" govern our lives, and how to let the gifts of the Holy Spirit reveal the UNSEARCHABLE AND EXTREME LOVE of Christ to a lost and confused world. Kevin will not discuss issues that church leadership continues to debate, instead he focuses on exalting Jesus and the blessing available as a result of Calvary. Kevin James will travel to visit any church group of any denomination that is hungry to experience a revival of the love and fullness of a Holy Spirit outpouring with signs and wonders following.(303)553-6170.

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