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Hope for Romania, a mission of compassion located in the Maranatha Mission building in Hunedoara, Romania began serving families in Romania on April 20th, 1997.

Romania is a beautiful country with wonderful people, but with the recent political changes to their government, many are dying of cold and hunger due to unemployment. There is a desperate need in the country, especially for the basic necessities of life, (food, clothes, shelter, heat, etc.), the things that we in America are blessed with in abundance.

That is why we feel an urgency to help these poor families in Romania. The material situation can seem hopeless to families in Romania, but with the help of caring individuals, companies, and organizations Hope for Romania can help those in need with compassion.

Many families are being helped by donations of food, winter clothing, vitamins, shoes and boots, maternity and infant clothing, pre-natal and post-natal information, health and nutrition information, and more.

Our support and the gifts-in-kind come from caring individuals and companies in America. It is our awesome privilege to collect and deliver these donations and help to the people of Romania, one of the most economically disadvantaged countries in all of Eastern Europe.

These gifts would be a great benefit to the people we are reaching out to in the country, especially those with little or no income and that have families to support. We will work together with caring individuals in Romania to make sure that your gifts are distributed to those who are truly in need.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help the families we serve and others we will be able to help because of your generosity.

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