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Arthur Durnan World Ministries

146 Wellington Street,, • Belleville, ON K8P 5A4 • Canada • (613) 968-9439/see/charmin/CM00910

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Impact your services with Arthur Durnan & one of his huge color Bible Charts & Israel Sketches, Outlines, Map Overheads! Your church or tent revival crusade should hear his "MESSAGES FOR OUR MESS AGE!" including: "A Sheep With SIX Legs!"; "The Old New Age Movement: Hinduism & Mormonism In Disguise - The Restoration Of Baalism & Goddess Worship In A Derelict Society"; "The Marvellous Uniqueness Of The Lord Jesus Christ In A World Of Man-Made Religions!: Comparative Religion VS. The Christ Of God!"; "One Divine Promise No Christian Desires To Claim - Ever!"; "Putting All Your Money Into A Bag Full Of Holes!"; "The Coming U.S. Of Europe & The Entire History Of The Gentile Nations In The Light Of Daniel Chapter Two"; "The Naked Truth About Pornography In The Light Of God's Word!; "God's Remedy For The Abhorrent Abnormality Of Homosexuality!"; "The Devil's Second Choice: Razorback Hogs - The Master, The Maniac, The Multitudes And YOU!"; "Why Marriage When You Can 'Live Together'? After All, It's Just A Piece Of Paper, Isn't It?" "Who Said The Honeymoon's Over?: How To Keep The Honey In Your Honeymoon!" PLAN AN ARTHUR DURNAN CRUSADE ENCOUNTER WITH THE LORD OF LIFE! Evangelist Arthur Durnan Arthur Durnan WorldWide Ministries, 146 Wellington Street, Belleville, Ontario, Canada. K8P 5A4. Phone: (613)968-9439. Email: "WE HAVE ALL ETERNITY TO CELEBRATE THE VICTORIES, BUT ONLY A FEW SHORT HOURS BEFORE THE SUNSET IN WHICH TO WIN THEM!" (All above Sermons & 100s of others on cassette or booklet available for $5.00 U.S. Sermons Catalog available for $5.00, refunded on purchase of any 5 "Messages For Our Mess Age" Sermon Cassettes)

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