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5201 Martin Ave, • Austin, TX 78751 • United States • 512-453-7881

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Summery of Millennial Youth Ministries

Millennial Staff Leaders
Youth Pastor Toby DePew
Millennial Jam Band leader Jamie Mangold
Young Women's Coordinator Jennifer Crouch

Millenial Youth Ministries purpose is three part. 
1. Upward- bringing teenagers into the presence of Jesus, so they have a real personal experience with Him. 
2. Inward- Helping to mold the inner man of the teenager so they can become the person God has called them to be.
3. Outward- Evangeling the lost through powerful music, drama, and meeting basic needs of a youth cultur society.

Profile the Millennial Youth Ministries Leader, Pastor Toby DePew.
Pastor Toby is a young minister that has a burden for the teenagers of this generation.
God has called him to be a voice of a Millennial Generation through loving, preaching, 
mentoring, discipling, and evangelism.  Pastor Toby believes that not only will Austin, Texas
experience the power of God but a nation will experence God's power as a Millennial Generation 
leads the last days revival.  Pastor Toby has had the opportunity to learn from great men of God
from across the nation like: Pastor Glenn Berteau of Modesto, CA, Brother Tommy and Racheal Burchfield 
of Columbus, TX, Danny Chambers of High Praise Ministries and Pastor Mike Breaux of Austin, TX.  

**Resource of the week**Music ideas**For meetings

DO YOU WANT TO HAVE PRAISE AND WORSHIP IN YOUR YOUTH PROGRAM BUT DON'T KNOW HOW? HERE ARE SOME IDEAS: *In your town or in your surrounding town there are probably descent and willing Christian musicians who would love to play. Impart your vision and what you expect from them and you could be on the road to having radical and soul-winning music for a Millennial Generation. **A great resource is your local contemporary Christian station.** *Find some good anointed Praise and Worship music that your teenagers will enjoy. Teach them the words and you'll be preparing them for God's presence. There are some great songs without words that can be very useful if you have a few good singers. **A great resource is Danny Chambers' music. (** *Never under estimate the power of just singing to the Lord. **A great resource is your voice** THE KEY IS TEACHING AND IMPARTING TO TEENAGERS WHAT TRUE WORSHIP IS AND THE IMPOTANCE OF IT. If you are a worshipper you will breed worship, if you are not a worshipper you will breed death among the spiritual life of your teens.

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