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Wee Care for Kids

95-216 Makaikai Place, • Mililani, HI 96789 • United States • 808-626-1455/see/charmin/CM00853

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Helping families through the internet

After hearing James Dobson speak on the radio I was convinced that more could be done to reach people on a one to one basis. Dr. Dobson can be in one place at one time. We number in the millions and can reach people who would never step into a church or tune into a Christian radio program. Each of us knows 250 - 300 people. If we can reach but a fraction of them and teach them to reach others then we have made this world a better place. We teach people how to use the internet to reach the lost, the hurting, and the family. Pastors are taught to use the net to do messages. e-mail, and searches. Parents are shown how to do homework, study skills and spend family time using the net. We reach out as a growing family of webusers to thousands of people. Better yet we show people how to get on the net using a Television set, phone line, and a WEBTV counsel. We sell the units at cost to get the message out. And e- mail people uplifting messages and hope. That's what it is all about people helping people.

The Lay persons ministry

Our ministry is growing daily, thanks to ordinary people. The pastor can only feed the sheep. Sheep make sheep, and it is up to us as the flock to lead others to Christ. There is so much more I could share. We are excited at what God is doing. Call me at 1-808-626-1455 or fax me at 1-808-626-1553 My address is 95-216 Makaikai Place Mililani, Hawaii 96789 Address it to Victor Ching Wee Care for Kids. My e-mail address is God Bless Vic.

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