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N. C. West District/Wesleyan World Missions

Rev. Hoover E. Smith, 304 Windsong Drive • Gastonia, NC 28056 • United States • (704) 867-4156/see/charmin/CM00823

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I Have Seen the Need...and I Need Your Help!

The population of Russia is DECREASING by over four million people every year. There are many causes for this, but one that is tragic, and preven- table, is the condition of medical equipment and supplies. Do you realize that even simple, inexpensive things like Vitamin K, a routine injection given to infants in this country and costing less than one dollar a dose, are unavailable to many infants in Russia. There are good doctors in Russia, but the equipment they have to use is old and deteriorating. Meanwhile, equipment with good, usable life left in it is routinely replaced by medical institutions in this country in the face of more advanced technology.

My name is Hoover Smith. I am the District Secretary of World Missions for the North Carolina West District of the Wesleyan Church. I have had the opportunity to see first-hand the needs of this type of equipment in Russia, as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The need is great, especially right now for Blood-Gas Analyzers, Ventilators, and other similar medical instruments. I am looking for donations of this equipment, and can arrange a tax-deductible receipt for contributions.

What Can You Do To Help?

First, pray for those who need these items in countries around the world. I am convinced that no contribution is useful unless we keep those who need it covered in prayer.

I am looking for leads on where I may find such medical instruments. Likely sources would include hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics and other health- related institutions.

I am also looking for pharmaceuticals and related supplies (syringes, bandages, blood glucose test strips, etc) with the stipulation that these items must at least six months until the expiration date to insure their usefulness when they arrive where they are needed.

If you can help me locate these things, please write me:

Address:  North Carolina West District World Missions
          Rev. Hoover E. Smith
          304 Windsong Drive
          Gastonia, NC  28056

Thank you for your help as we work to share the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ with those in need worldwide.

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