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Saint Boniface - Archbishop, Missionary, Martyr

Archbishop of Mainz, Missionary to Germany and Frisia, and Martyr, 754

Saint Boniface [675-754] was born in Crediton in Devon and received the English name of Winfred. He became a monk at Exeter and felt called to be a missionary. He went to Germany but returned in a few months shattered by the experience. However, his call could not be denied and he eventually became 'the apostle of Frisia and Germany', spending the whole of his remaining life in missionary work. On June 5, 754, while awaiting a group of converts for confirmation, he and his companions were murdered by a band of pagans, near Dokkum. Boniface is widely reverenced in Germany, much more than in his native land, and his tomb at Fulda is a sacred shrine.
The name of Boniface was given to him in 719 by Gregory II, Bishop of Rome. Saint Boniface is justly called one of the "Makers of Europe."

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