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Global Careers

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If I have the gift of propecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not , I am nothing.


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Greetings from Cheese!                

Your Career to serve people                           

The skills and participation of Christians in all vacations are needed to carry Jesus Christ's command to make disciples of all nations.

Certain Christians are needed to practise their vacations across cultural and national borders.

The skills of others are required locally. Diverse vacations and skills are essential to help implement strategies to serve those in need.

Global Careers                                                      

Global Careers is a Christian service organisation that assists disciples of Jesus Christ - together with their congregations - to use their vocations by serving people in their specific needs, locally and in other countries.

Are you motivated by the idea that Jesus Christ placed you in your work to serve others? Do you experience your work as a calling? As a Christian, how do you handle stress and frustration at work?

These questions face many Christians everyday as they go about their work. Many people are unhappy and frustrated in their work and most Christians have  never heard what God's principles are for their work.

Global Careers is commited to help you make Jesus Christ the centre of each working day by the application of Biblical principles.

To assist you in this, Global Careers presents various seminars and has dynamic literature available. Professional people who have attended these seminars, or have studied the literature, find a fresh experience and calling in their work as they understand where they fit into God's plan.

Some Christians get involved by making their skills available to Global Careers. Whether it be an accounting giving advice on a development project in Mozambique, an engineer helping to install a radio station in Madagascar, an occupational therapist and teacher helping to plan educational projects in Egypt and China, or a farmer giving valuable input in Iraq - every person's contribution is needed to plan and implement stategic projects.

Global Careers is involved in various projects which are managed by multi-disciplinary teams of Christians from different vocations.

They have chosen to practise their vocations cross-culturally in order to serve people. We refer to them as "tentmakers" after the Apostle Paul, who practised a trade of making tents while sharing the Gospel with people.

In co-operation with congregations and mission organisations, Global Careers is involved in projects in

  • Southern Africa (e.g. Mozambique, Malawi and Madagascar)

  • the Far East (e.g. China)

  • Middle East

  • North Africa

  • Persian Gulf

  • Eastern Europe (e.g. Russia)

Locally we are involved on the Cape Flats, as well as Msinga and Makatini in kwaZulu-Natal.

In order to be an effective tentmaker, you will need special skills and abilities to work and live wisely in a foreign culture.

It is very important that every aspect of your life and ministry be integrated to build relationships and gain trust.

Global Careers has a special training programme to equipt Christians in all vocations to develop a tentmaker lifestyle.        

This after-hours training programme will help you develop a Christian wordview. The programme extends over a two year period and includes theology for work and ministry, interpersonal and cross-culture life-skills and development in discipling. This training programme is also available as a correspondence course.

Christians in all professions, who would like to be involved locally, will also benefit by doing this training programme.

It is very important that every tentmaker be an active member of a local church. The sending congregation forms an essential part of a tentmaker's support team.

Global Careers helps sending congretations to be effectively involved in ministering to their own tentmakers.

Your work really matters to God! If you would like to use your skills to serve people, Global Careers would be pleased to assist you.

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