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South Acres Baptist School

3330 Meriwether Rd, • Shreveport, LA 71108 • United States • (318) 686-7551/see/charmin/CM00678

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General Information

South Acres offers grades K - 12. South Acres Baptist School has been serving the Shreveport area for over 18 years with a distinctively Christian education. South Acres is focused on the individual, providing an individualized self pace learning system for the child. In addition to high quality academics, South Acres places a strong emphasis on the Bible, with daily devotions and Bible studies and weekly chapel sessions all students are immersed in the Scriptures. Realizing that the mind and the spirit are only two of three parts, South Acres also provides a quality athletic program for both boys and girls ages 8 - 18.

Pricing Information


Registration - New Student $ 125.00
Materials Fee - Students K-8 $185.00
Students 9-12 $200.00
Tuition - 1st Child - $ 1500/yr
2nd Child - $ 1275/yr
3rd Child - $ 1085/yr
Each Additional Child $ 925/yr

Contact South ACres Baptist School @ (318) 686 -7551


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