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Christian Hope Network

7601 Fourth Avenue, • Brooklyn, NY 11214 • United States • 718 745-1003/see/charmin/CM00676

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Christian Hope Network

Welcome to CHN. We are a non-profit outreach center, established to serve the Body of Christ. We are here for you! We share space with New Hope Fellowship office. Pastor Roger McPhail is the President, and Rev. Barbara Anne Yovino is the Director. Our wonderful volunteer staff of approximately 50 people, work hard to help meet your needs. We have a 24 hour prayerline, - 718 238-4600. If you need to talk with someone, or want someone to agree with you in prayer, our prayer partners are here to answer your call.
Our follow-up literature continues to bless our callers. We offer Pastoral visits, names of local churches, and prayer groups to those who call our prayerline. Our listing of crisis pregnancy centers, food hotlines and addresses, senior helps (nutritional assistance, educational and social programs, service information such as hospice, home care, etc.) continues to bless the Body of Christ. Also offered are victim services for battered women; drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Agape Prayer Net - Callers are offered the opportuntiy of having their prayer requests sent to our intercessors in the United States by mail and worldwide through the internet. The intercessors will pray until the prayer is answered. Our volunteer prayer partners follow up with a phone call to see how the person is doing. If you have a prayer request, call the "Hope Connection" prayerline at 718 238-4600, or you can send your request directly to Straight Talk - Our prayerline is under the umbrella of Christian Helplines International, Dr. Skip Hunt. A National TV show, "Straight Talk" can be seen around the country. Check you local time and station. JesusKids - Children with computers are able to contact one another to pass on prayer requests and to encourage one another in the Lord. A parent is required to be present when online. E-Mail address is Children can call 718 567-STORY and hear a musical Bible story with a moral, and have the opportunity to connect with a CHN prayer partner. Lost Sheep Ministries - If you have, or you know someone with a missing loved one, we will help you to locate the person. Send a copy of the police report, along with a picture, and any information that would help to identify the person, and we will send the information to our intercessors on the internet around the world. Our intercessors will print out the picture, make copies, and post them around their neighborhood. CHN address and phone number will be posted for anyone who has seen the person. Our intercessors will also pray until the person is found. You may contact us at our address - or by e-mail at We are here for you! If we can be of help in any area please call our prayerline. If you would like to volunteer your time, you will certainly be welcomed! You can call Rev. Barbara A. Yovino, Director, at 718 745-1003. All ministries of CHN are copyrighted (1995)

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