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LORD'S GYM Outreach & Fitness Center.

In the last couple of years the FBI has stated that the number of murders and other violent crimes have increased by 16% in cities with the population of 500,000 to 1,000,000 that is double the rise in the largest cities. Teens and young adults ages 15-34 years, though only make up 30% of the population they account for nearly 60% of homicide victims. The Center for Disease Control estimates that 33,000 new sexually transmitted disease cases occur each day in the United States and some 12 million each year, out of these 12 million there are approximately 3 million adolescents who contract a sexually transmitted disease yearly. There will be approximately 3,000 teenage girls in the U.S. who will get pregnant today, this is the highest rate of any industrialized nation. Our Government will spent 30 billion this year to provide social services for teenage moms and their babies. These statistics reflect some serious problems brewing in our nation. Lord's Gym is a sports facility birthed out of a desire to help meet some of the needs of the youth in our city. We have created a first class positive fitness environment in which young people can come and workout. We offer indoor basketball on a mini full court featuring "Sport Court", the top product out for performance and safety. The back boards are made of glass and include breakaway rims. We also offer a full range of Olympic weights and weight lifting equipment for the most demanding workout. Karate and boxing classes are held for all ages. For the cardiovascular workout, aerobic classes are made available at different times through out the week and the Gym includes equipment such as Treadmills, Stair Masters and Lifecycles. Lord's Gym has been honored by special guest appearances of several professional athletes: Dave Stewart, Dennis Eckersley, Steve Ontiveros and Scott Brosius. Lining the walls of the Lord's Gym are pictures of professional athletes serving as positive role models. Along with these pictures are signed memorabilia addressed to the youth. Our goal is to motivate people, specifically our youth, to achieve their destiny. Our desire is for the youth to know they were born with a purpose, that they are special and not some accident. It has been said, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." At the Lord's Gym we encourage people of all ages to know their purpose and to stand for what's right!


ALF is a church that was birth out of the heart of Senior Pastor Doug Bird, in the City of Roseville Ca. Pastor Bird is commited to making no small stir in Roseville, the Lord's Gym is apart of that commitment as we reach out to the young and old alike to let them know there is hope and that church is a place were you can have fun. For more information visit our web page at Thank you, God Bless!!!!!!

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