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Prison Fellowship - NC Re-entry and Aftercare

P.O. Box 6279, • High Point, NC 27262 • United States • 910-886-2500/see/charmin/CM00658

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Prison Fellowship Ministries Mission Statement

To exhort, equip, and assist the church in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families and to promote biblical standards of justice in the criminal justice system.>BR<>BR

North Carolina Re-entry and Aftercare Project

The NC Re-entry and Aftercare Project is a pilot project of
Prison Fellowship Ministries which focuses on two aspects of
prison ministry:
1) Preparing prisoners and families for release from prison
2) Assisting ex-prisoners and families adjust to "life on the

Programs of the NC Re-entry and Aftercare Project include:
1) A 40-hour Re-entry Life Plan Seminar, which covers basic
life skills (employment search skills, budgeting skills,
self-esteem, etc.). This seminar is used both in prisons
and with newly-released prisoners and family members. 2) Partnering (mentoring), which pairs prisoners, ex-prisoners,
or family members with a trained PF Volunteer Partner. A
Partner is first of all a friend who cares. They coach,
encourage, tutor, guide, and help in many ways. Their purpose
is to assist the person in becoming self-sufficient, and in
setting and reaching goals that will lead to a productive life in
family, church, and community.
3) Support groups, which are weekly meetings of ex-prisoners or
family members that allow for participants and trained volunteers
to share, encourage, network, and find strength. Support groups
specialize in one type of client (ex-prisoner or family member).
4) A community resource database is provided with toll-free access
to information about resources in each county of North Carolina
that might be useful to prisoners and ex-prisoners needing some
assistance in their release (shelters, clothing, etc.), and to
family members who have a loved one in prison.

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