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Intrinsic Beauty Ministries, Inc.

PO 992, • Colleyville, TX 76034 • United States • 888 Whose I am/see/charmin/CM00642

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Teen Ladies traveling retreat and weekend

Ministry specifically targeted to teen ladies. Specifically packed with encouraging special touches for teen ladies, visuals, and sessions such as "So, you are a Princess...", "Finding your place in His Kingdom", "How to spend time with the King", "Princes and Princesses". Emphasis on Biblical esteem, seeing yourself as God does, discovering gifts and talents, realizing God's specific dream for you, guidelines for relating with guys. Rev. Heather Harrington, called by Jesus to encourage, exhort, and esteem ladies "in Him" worldwide" Also ministry for women's retreats.

Whose I am

A weekend to encourage and esteem teen ladies to see and experience who they are as a "Princess" of the Most High! Emphasis on God's unconditional love and acceptance, purpose, and destiny. Visuals and special touches of purity keys, crowns, Whose I am laminated Scriptures and more. Available for your church, town, city, or organization. Encouraging, exhorting, and esteeming ladies "in Him" worldwide! Rev. Heather Harrington Intrinsic Beauty Ministries, Inc. 1-888-WhoseIam PO 992 Colleyville, TX 76034

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