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Empty Vessel Music Ministry

471 Wages Road, • Auburn, Ga 30203 • United States • 770-995-6641/see/charmin/CM00625

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Empty Vessel Music Ministries

Empty Vessel Music Ministries is a grass roots non-profit recording label, located in Atlanta GA, with a vision of getting back to basics in Christian Music. Our mission is to further and develop Christian Artist individual ministries in order to present the body of Christ with quality free musical productions that will edify, evangelize and equip.

We believe that God has enabled certain individuals and groups with musical talents to further his Kingdom. People with a heart for ministry but we also believe this means in the near future many producers will be entering the Christian Music Market only to "merchandise the saints" Empty vessel was created to make a statement to the secular world. "No...we are not in it just for the money" Please consider receiving our newsletter and I will tell you more about the ministry and send you a Demo tape of some of our current projects. If you would like further information concerning list Empty Vessel Music Ministries or to get on our mailing list Please E-mail us at Include your Name address and phone number. Thanks for your time Love in Christ Gerry Van Mansfeld Director "Creatively giving what was freely received"

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