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Operation Desert Shield/Storm Association

3922 High Meadow, • San Angelo, TX 76904 • United States • 915/947-1194/see/charmin/CM00617

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SIng for the People

For the ones who are sick,,,,SING For the ones who are well,,,,SING For the ones who are gone,,,,SING For the ones who are here,,,,SING SING SING SING SING SING SING FOR THE GLORY OF GOD My name is Lianne Johnson and since I was a wee lass. The LORD has brought me to the place in my life where I have to step out on FAITH. HE called me to this website and with the fear of Moses,,,I am embarking on the next journey! I am available for churches, private groups, parties,,,what ever the LORD wants! I favor Contemporary Gospel but enjoy the OLD COUNTRY Gospel too. You can reach me at 915/947-1194. That's San Angelo, Texas area! What do I cost? Absolutely nothing.....maybe just a love offering for travel and expenses. and the expenses aren't much since I prefer McDonalds!! So pray about it and give me a call or write me at SO the thing about GULF WAR ILLNESS,,,well, I am Regional Coordinator for Operation Desert Shield/Storm Association. Our group reaches out to assist Gulf War Vets and their famiilies as well as Civlians who are suffering from GWI. We are advocates of HELPING each other! You can find out more at our main webpage Surf on in!!! In HIS love and grace, Lianne

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