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Our Father's Arms

388 Dogwood Lane, • Jacksonville, Al 36265 • United States • 205 435-8885/see/charmin/CM00606

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A home for prodigal sons

Luke 15:20
They are the sons of every family. They come from all walks of life. Their wives are blamed, beaten and abandoned. Their children are deprived, forsaken and embarrassed. They leave a trail of bitter, broken relationships, heartbreak, hopelessness, humiliation and anguish. They are captives in a "far country", homeless, helpless and lost. They are the addicts and alcoholics. There's an abundance of intolerant critics mercilessly pointing their fingers and blaming them, driving them deeper into the "far country." There are others who blame their parents, even though many of them come from loving homes. Others blame the atrocity of the Viet Nam War. Some blame alcohol and drugs. Others blame a genetic deficiency. None of the blaming helps. They keep racing toward death and they keep increasing in number. We are convinced that sin is the symptom of man's depraved nature and that Jesus Christ is ultimately the only hope. We are also painfully aware that Jesus Christ is being terribly misrepresented. Tragically, many lost and hurting people can't find the real Jesus in the midst of all the religious counterfeits. We do believe however, that the real Jesus is very much alive and that He is His own Witness. Those who love Him and follow Him are extending and expressing His very life and love. The followers of the real Jesus will be found wherever there are hurting people. He is a friend of the downtrodden and the outcasts. He is here helping. He's not here blaming. Our Father's Arms is a place for prodigal sons who sincerely want to come home. It's a place of prayer, shelter, counseling, educational and work opportunities. Our Father's Arms is a place of healing and recovery. God has provided a house on 20 acres of land just south of Jacksonville, Alabama (NE) and a nearby meeting center and office on Hiway 21. Please pray for this work. If you sense the Lord is leading you to be involved in any other capacity or if we can help you in any way contact: Bob McLeod, Our Father's Arms, 388 Dogwood Lane, Jacksonville, Al 36265 or phone 205 435-8885

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