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El Salvador Missions

Troy Christian Church, Box 156 • Troy, KS 66087 • United States • 913/985-2369/see/charmin/CM00605

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The PURPOSE of El Salvador Missions

The first purpose of El Salvador Missions is to PREACH. To preach the Good News of Christ to the Salvadoran people. 5.5 million people live in an area the size of the state of Massachusetts. Even though its the smallest country in Central America, it has the highest population of the seven surrounding countries.
Not only do we Preach the Good News of Christ, we TEACH it. Many Salvadorans are interested in what the Bible says. Currently we are conducting Bible studies and Discipleship groups throughout the city of San Salvador.
Finally, we REACH OUT to people trying to meet their needs. It does no good preaching and teaching about the love of Christ without setting an example. In order for people to believe in the Truth, they must first see His Truth in action. Through the generosity of others, this ministry has provided Bibles, food, clothing, medicine, and other necessites to various people in the country. From the children living on the streets to elderly widows in the congregations.


We are currently looking for congregations and/or individuals who are interested in helping EL SALVADOR MISSIONS in one way or another.
Make a commitment of praying regularly for the work and for the needs of the people living in El Salvador.
Our monthly budget is $1500. That may sound like a lot but if only 60 churches or families give just $25 a month that will match our operation funds. Your giving in whatever amount will provide Bibles, food, shelter, study materials, cover office expense, plus other needs of the ministry.
Looking for a new adventure? El Salvador Missions is looking for youth groups, churches, and individuals who would like to come down for a week and help out with some of the ministry work.
Contact us by email or regular postal for more information about the work that the Lord is doing in El Salvador.
Michael Thomas
El Salvador Missions
Rt. 1 Box 172
Troy, KS 66087

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