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Asian Gospel Outreach

218 S. Spruce, • Trinidad, Colorado 81082 • United States • 719-846-4797/see/charmin/CM00431

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"The churches of Asia salute you." 1 Cor 16:19

Vision Statement:

Shortly after I was born-again in 1989, God planted a vision in me that I was called to be a missionary to the USSR and five years ago He also called me to China. I half-heartily laughed at the idea. What do I have to give them, Lord? How can you use me? Nonetheless I am willing to go, send me.

God is always faithful to perform the work He starts in us and that vision has been confirmed to me several times by men of God who don't even know me. I am finally beginning to see God do awesome personal healing for me, and for people I am ministering to.

In 1993 I moved to Colorado Springs, and a year later I understood why God sent me here. The reason why was because of the calling He gave me to go to Russia. So lo and behold I became a student at Colorado Bible College founded by Andrew Wommack Ministries and am studing under Linus LeFever who started the first above ground Bible College in the former USSR in the country of Latvia, and I get to go to the former Soviet Republic and water his vineyard. From his firstfruits over 600 churches have been planted in the Soviet Republics and now I can share God's love to over 600 churches that barely know God's awesome power.

I plan to lay the foundation for the Asian Gospel Outreach by 2001. I want to start a Bible College in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

My first week I plan to meet with the local pastors and find out what vision God has planted in their hearts. And basically I want to network with pastors in other denominations that are life-giving churches to set them all on the same track winning the lost at any cost.

It won't be easy to do. There is still a lot of government red tape in the former USSR satelite nations to overcome, and of course satan won't like the idea of building unity in the Body of Christ, but the work needs to be done. Most local pastors only have one book of the Bible to preach from and most are ignorant of the most basic principles and tenents of our faith. They need a lot of encouragement, love and prayer support.

If you could help support our ministry in anyway, I believe God will richly reward your step of faith for seeing the vision God gave me fulfilled. Even if you don't think your contribution is big enough please send anything you can. Partners who give ten dollars every month make up the strong financial base of the leading ministries in the world today. I certainly hope you can see the potential our ministry has for reaching the lost in the former USSR. If you can't give anything at this time please keep this vision statement handy and remember to pray for me. Satan will throw everything he can at me and I will need your prayers for God's protection so I can get God's Word out to a hungry dying world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this vision statement and God bless you.

I send my love towards you in Christ Jesus,

How to Contact me:

All Godly prayers and financial support are welcome.

I'll be happy to answer any questions about the Christian faith to all who E-mail me!

Email me I'd like to hear from you!

If nothing else send me money. I'll need it to get to Kyrgyzstan and start up a Bible College for my Brothers and Sisters over there!

Make checks payable to: Willie Stubbs

Willie Stubbs
218 S. Spruce
Trinidad, Colorado 81082

Email me at:

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