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OLS Music Ministry

We are a youth group which consist of many musicians that forms a band in the church or should we say a music ministry. Currently we only play for the morning mass session. We have another evening mass too but we are building up soon. We have a group of background singers, drummers, guitarists and percussionists.

We have problems in our church in our instruments side and also the sound system. We have no access to the newer system because the parish priest refused to support us or rather is unwilling to allow us to use the new equipments. But nevertheless our spirits never fail to die off because we do it for GOD and nothing else matters. Everytime our practices are managed by ourselves and the instruments belongs to us compared to some other churches the instruments are bought for the music ministry. We are also sourcing for instruments and of course donors for our funding by the local parishioners. Currently we have 20 over musicians which rotates everyweek and meets very often although we stay quite a distance away. We are limited in our practice time also because the jazz drum belongs to the church and the parish priest only allows us to use it only on Saturday night at 8-10.30p.m for practices. This sometimes really makes me very upset because of the treatment and support given to those who wish to perfect or serve the church but are deprived of the idea. If you would like to e-mail to me, I am the president of the group : Patrick Ian Fong from Penang, Malaysia. E-mail : Thank you and May God Bless.....

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