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Wellspring Ministries - Churches & Missions, Inc.

(Meeting at 1401 N Decatur, Ste. 14), P.O. Box 81016 • Las Vegas, NV 89180-1016 • United States • 702-631-5027

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Wellspring Ministries offers the following to the Las Vegas Valley:
Wellspring Church of All Nations - Church planted in 1986.
Manantial de Agua Viva - Spanish language Church planted in 1993.
Wellspring Biblical Counseling & Discipleship Center - Victorious Christian Living
Wellspring Bible Institute - Bible school offering three years of classes
designed to prepare the student for the ministry. Emphasis is placed
upon knowing the God of the Word as well as knowing the Word of God.
Wellspring Bible & Book Store - Pentecostal resource center featuring
hard to find and out of print books. Provides teaching materials for
pastors and teachers overseas.
Wellspring Food Bank - A food distribution center for
those in temporary need.


Wellspring Ministries conducts short-term missions trips for groups of
all ages.
Types of ministry include: Leadership seminars, Pastors and Leaders
Conferences, Power Evangelism Crusades, Street Evangelism and Church Miracle meetings.
Countries in which we are currently active include: the Philippines,
Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Macau,Indonesia, England, Ghana,
Nigeria, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Russia, Romania and Ireland.
For More information contact: Pastor Lou Grillo Wellspring Ministries P.O. Box 81016 Las Vegas, NV 89180-1016 (702)647-5479 or

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