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Henry M. Morse, 202B Whitman ST • E. Bridgewater, MA 02333 • United States • 508-378-9764

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Min Description

Henry M. Morse(AKA)the Great Benafuchi has used his talents as an acrobat, juggler, unicyclist, comedian, performer, to preach the Gospel all over the world since 1979. He is a graduate from Central Bible College, Springfield, MO. and a licenced minister with the Assemblies of God. He also served as missionary with Jews for Jesus. Having Much experience with street evangelism his heart beats for lost souls. "My desire is that the Lord might use me for His glory. My talents have been given to me so that I might use them as a device to communicate the Gospel". Henry has used these talents in many creative ways to preach the Gospel in public schools, on the streets, in fairs, or any where that he might draw a crowd. "I will take your people by the hand and lead them to the streets, malls, community fairs, schools, neighborhoods, parks or wherever people gather. I will show them how to use their gifts in creative evangelism and give them the opportunity to do this. This is a faith min operating totally on a love offering/honrarium basis. The Great Benafuchi can come to your church, youth group, or any other event, to share the Word of God in this most unusual way.


The Great Benafuchi and The Full Contact Comedy Show is an extravaganza of circus antics, clowning, humor and skilled acrobatic feats. His repertoire includes: juggling, unicycling, pantomime, acrobatics, magic, music, hand balancing, rope walking, stilts and other circus balancing feats. He is available for evangelism, youth rallies, prophetic teaching, evangelism seminars, camps, missions and crusades.

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