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Christian 12 Step Ministry, Inc.

3301 SE 41st Place, • Ocala, FL 34480 • United States • 352-694-4278

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Walking The 12 Steps With Jesus Christ

The Christian 12 Step Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(C3) ministry devoted to helping those with severe addictions overcome those addictions in their lives by using the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous combined with The Holy Bible. We have developed a study guide for this purpose. This study guie is written not only for addictions to illegal drugs and alcohol, but all addictive substances and forces that people are exposed to today. The healing power of Jesus is not restricted to any certain number of addictions - He can and does heal all forms of addictions. The Christian 12 Step study guide is writen to assist a person in realizing the true extent of his addictions, and using the power of Jesus through His Holy Spirit to be free from all these forces that torment him. This can only be accomplished by helping a person accept Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior and leading him into a true and sincere relationship with The Lord. Our study guide is intended to be used in a classroom setting, but it is totally effective when used by an individual in private study if he is sincere about wanting to be released from his addictions. This study guide is completely non-denominational and we stress the importance of keeping denominations out of this study. We believe that Jesus is ready to heal a person if he is sincere and repentant regardless of his choice of denominations. This ministry began in 1991 by Ray Geisel as a way to bring the healing power of Jesus to anyone who is open to it. The ministry had it's beginnings in the Marion County Jail in Ocala, Florida and quickly spread to other jails and prisons in the area when Chaplains and ministers began to hear of it. Soon it was obvious that the demand for this program had gone far beyond the limits of Marion County. Ray began to mail the study guide to inmates in jails and other institutions when it was requested. News of this program quickly spread and soon Ray was inserting an order form in each book to assist other inmates in obtaining their own copy. The floodgates were open! Chaplains, inmates, ministers, and volunteers across the nation began to see the study guide appear in various jails, and they began writing and asking for information about the ministry and the study guide. Since 1993, we have printed and distributed over 16,000 copies of the study guide and in January, 1997, we expect to recieve shipment on a new order af 15,000 copies. These study guides are mailed to over 330 jails, prisons, and other institutions in 27 states and the District of Columbia. We have also mailed copies to inumerable private homes and other ministries. The response has been overwhelming and very gratifying. We have witnessed firsthand how The Lord heals His people from the pain of addictions, but His healing does not stop there. When a person recieves Jesus into his life, not only is his own life renewed, but he begins to realize how many other people have been affected by his selfish actions. Many times this brings about a strong desire in the person to make ammends to others and to try to begin to reconstruct relationships that have been damaged. Seeing a person turn his life over to Christ is the best part of this ministry, and seeing that same person rebuild his personal relationship with his wife, children, parents or other people is also a wonderful feeling. All it takes is a willingness to do what is necessary to allow Jesus to work in a person's life, and a determination to stay with it no matter how the evil one tries to destroy a person's progress and faith. Our study guide is loaded with scripture passages for the person to look up and read. Each passage relates to the particular step it is found in, and is intended to make the reader understand that the words of The Holy Bible are not just random words for theologins and scripture scholors - they are for ordinary people and He is speaking to US! Most scripture passages are not quoted in the study guide so that the reader will have to get his bible and look them up, thereby becoming familiar with God's Word. The Alcoholics Aonymous 12 steps are a wonderful way of being released from the evil of addictions when the Word of God is combined with them. The study guide is written to be accompanied by the Good News version of The Bible, because it is easy to understand, but any version that a person might prefer would work just as well. We here at the Christian 12 Step Ministry, Inc. are always looking for people who are willing to learn this program in order to teach it, also. We now have 23 volunteers working with us, but the demand is far, far greater than that. We are currently developing a set of video tapes that can be used in a classroom to teach the program, or they can be viewed by volunteers to learn some of the ways to teach and some of the tips we have learned over the years. We ask a donation of $7.00 for the study guide and for a set of video tapes, we will ask a donation of $27.00. This includes all shipping and handling costs, and it also includes a refund guarantee. If you order the study guide, and it is not what you expected, or you are somehow dissapointed in it, we will be glad to refund your donation less postage. You only need to return the book in good condition. Our e-mail address is and our mailing address is 3301 SE 41st Place in Ocala, Florida 34480. Our telephone number is 352-694-4278. God Bless you!

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