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A Prison and Aftercare Ministry, P. O. BOX 26 • BRANDON, MS 30943-0026 • United States • 601-825-0535

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Prisoners are one of the most vivid examples in our society of those who desperately need to see the Character of God demonstrated by the church of Jesus Christ. BAIC's mission is to get the Gospel into the prisons primarily in the state of MS so that inmates will have an opportunity to accept Christ as they enter the prison system. As they make professions of faith, we encourage and equip local congregations and Christian individuals to disciple them, prayerfully to maturity. Through a team of volunteers, we specifically: Share the Gospel, Disciple Christian Inmates, Sponsor Bible Study & Church Services, Provide Bible-Based Counseling & Personal Grooming Articles, & etc. After an Inmate whom we are discipling is released, we assist them in: Securing a Christian Home, Further discipleship to ease their return into society, Acquiring clothing and furniture items, Selecting a Church Home, Finding Meaningful Employment, Continuing educational and vocational objectives, Basic Life Skills, Parenting, and Simple Budgeting and Finance. BAIC is also involved with at-risk youth, and others who do not fit the mold of traditional churchgoers. As opportunities present themselves, we: Provide Food and Clothing to the Needy, Minister to Victims, Mentor Children of single parents, prisoners, and ex-prisoners. BAIC is committed to matching hurting people to agencies which would be better equipped to aid them in their need.


Beginning Again In Christ is an ecumenical, non-profit, Christian organization governed by a Board of Directors consisting of pastors, businessmen, and laypersons, committed to advancing the Kingdom of God among the prisoners. We can help you or your church minister to those most needy in your community by 1) Expanding an Defining a philosophy of ministry to the needy and hurting, 2) Identifying particular needs in your community, and 3) Assisting in developing a unique plan of ministry taking advantage of the gifts and resources of your church. If God is calling your church into a ministry to the lost and lonely and you feel a burden to show your community what our God is like, do not forget "the least of these" who are dying a spiritual death in your local jails and prisons. Give us a call. We can help you help others Begin a New Life in Christ! BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rev. Michael Leach,Chairman of the Board, Clinton, MS Rev. Jeffrey Lancaster, Oxford, MS Mr. Johnny Larson, Clarksdale, MS Rev. David Smith, Sardis, MS Mr. Jerry Vardaman, Brandon, MS Mr. Watson Pillow, Schlater, MS Ms. Rachel Sullivan, Madison, MS Mr. J. Stacy Davidson, Ridgeland, MS Mr. R. G. "Bobby" Dye, Madison, MS Mr. David Arant, Ruleville, MS Rev. James Holland, Greenville, MS Rev. Shane Sunn, Oxford, MS Mr. John Spencer Rev. Jehoshaphat "Joe" Elliott, Executive Director Mr. Robert Michael "Mike" Boyett, North MS Area Director Mrs. Beverlyn Lewis Elliott, Administrative Manager

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