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Minnesota District Singles Ministry - Nazarene

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Paul's Letter to Singles

Taken from the Idea Catalog for Single Adult Ministry. Ideas that we can take from the book of First Timothy. 1:1-11 Learn to face life's conflicts rater than run from them. 1:12-20 God can use me in spite of my past failures. 2:1-15 My greatest desire in my life must be to please God. 3:1-16 I must not become a "lone ranger" Christian. 4:1-11 I must learn the difference between truth and error. 4:12-16 I must set the example in leading rather than always being a follower. 5:1-21 I must broaden, not limit, my circle of relationships. 5:22-6:19 I must keep myself pure. 6:11-16 Don't give up when the going gets tough!

Single Parents - A vital part of the church

We need to make sure that we are there for the single parents. They have many thing to deal with that two parent families fo not have to do. Here are some thoughts that I have taken from Helping Single Parents with Troubled Kids: 1. Researchers found that "young" white teenage girls living in fatherless homes were 60 percent more likely to have premarital intercourse than those living in two parent homes. 2. I found that the Christian children and adolescents were no better equipped than their secular counterparts to handle the emotional impact of divorce.

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