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Seed Ministries

P.O. Box 64067, • Virginia Beach, VA 23467 • United States • 757-467-5269

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Seed Ministries Mission Statement (Luke 9:6-15)

Seed Ministries shall be the sower of God's word, planting the seeds of knowledge, wisdom, and truth in the hearts and minds of the listener and reader. Upholding the whole truth from the Gospel of Christ and God's holy bible, we shall magnify Him through every vessel of this ministry.

Pat Ferguson, Founder of Seed Ministries

Pat Ferguson is a native of Virginia. Her ancestors paved the deeply held Christian values she so passionately shares through her music and devotional ministry. "The purpose of Seed Ministries is to open a new door for writers and musicians looking for an avenue to express themselves, ministering through the talent and gifts God has given them. So often, Christians become despondent over the feeling of being "left-out" in the real world and being "too-mainsteam" for the Christian world. There's definately a growing desire for people wanting to hear "real world" experiences and answers to their own problems. I have found that with the right direction, encouragement, and training Christians can offer unsaved people a message they will listen to. The avenues for ministry are so vastly amazing. When Christ said, "the fields are ripe for harvest" he wasn't kidding. Usually, what we are looking for is right under our noses, but we tend to look so far away or so far up that our goals become unreachable. Seed Ministries wants to help the writers, songwriters, musicians, and alike develop themselves one step at a time without falling into the likely traps that are out there. We offer resources such as our "Writers Circle", allowing you to submit your work for review and development, including music, devotions, stories,and alike. Our goal is help you plug into the ministries and public organizations who will need your unique or typical services. And best of all, we are a foundation for your ministry or gifting, helping you to find where you are going and learning from where you've been, ultimately helping you to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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