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Now Featuring: His Needs, Her Needs Seminars

Troubled marriages in your church? Have you ever wanted to save
someone's marriage (maybe your own) but didn't know what to do or
where to turn? HIS NEEDS/HER NEEDS, the dynamic, interactive
seminar, saving troubled marriages all across the nation, may be the
answer! This seminar was designed by Joe Beam, of Family Dynamics
Institute, using the proven materials of Dr. Willard Harley.

The results are fantastic! Marriages are being renewed and families
are being restored through this life-changing experience. Now, someone
from your congregation can attend a train-the-trainer seminar and take
this powerful eight week course (endorsed by Max Lucado and featured on
Good Morning America) back to your church. This is a great program for
both helping marriages in your church and reaching out to the community.

This three day (intensive) seminar teaches you how to conduct an
interactive, marriage building experience for 12 couples. During the
eight weeks, the couples will meet one night a week for 2 1/2 hours
and have five to six hours of homework per week. They will learn WHAT
to do, HOW to do it, and receive the support they need to begin meeting
each others needs in meaningful, lasting ways.

The three day train-the-trainer seminar will be held at the Church of
Christ in Trenton, Michigan on April 10-12, 1997. For more information
on this and other seminar locations, or if you would like to host a
seminar at your church, send an e-mail message to:

This Program is Powerful!

I am a licensed professional counselor and I have done quite a bit of
marriage counseling over the last few years. I have also seen many
marriage programs but nothing like this one. My wife and I went to a
train-the-trainer seminar presented by the Family Dynamics Institute
in June, 1996, with the idea of just gaining a few more tools for my
counseling -- wow was I surprised! This is, with out a doubt, the
most powerful marriage building program that I have experienced.

In addition to the train-the-trainer seminar, starting in January, 1997
we are going to have several of the eight week programs conducted in
various locations throughout south-eastern Michigan. If you want to
improve your marriage (regardless of what condition it's in now) this
program can really help! We will also be hosting a family seminar soon.
For detailed information concerning any of these events e-mail us at:

New Horizons Counseling Services is pleased to have been selected as
area coordinator for the Family Dynamics Institute. Family Dynamics
is a non-profit organization located in Augusta, Georgia dedicated to
building strong marriages and families throughout the world. New Horizons,
as an area coordinator, can help you with your marriage and family seminar
needs for most areas of Michigan, Indiania, Ohio and Ontario. For other
areas of the world, please contact the Family Dynamics Institute directly
at (706)855-9900 or (800)650-9995.

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