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New Creation Ministries

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By His Stripes

My name is Eddie Edgerton. I am an ordained minister with the Association of Vineyard Churches and a praise and worship leader. But I was not always a servant of the Lord. I was once in bondage to drugs and alcohol. After trying mental hospitals, drug rehabs, programs, etc., I finally found the answer-Jesus! If you or someone you love needs release from a life controlling addiction, let me help you find the only One that can truly set you free. E-mail me or voice phone 24 hrs. a day. New Creation Ministries is affiliated with Mission Teens Christian rehabs. Most secular rehabilatation programs claim at best a 27% succes rate. Mission Teens succes rate is over 85%. The reason for this is simple. At Mission Teens they understand that man can only do so much for addicts. Only the power of Jesus Christ can give total freedom. There are no doctors or nurses at Mission Teens, only the life giving power of the Holy Spirit; and counselors who are just like you, people who God has healed from their own addictions. Please give God your life and let Him put it back together for you, like He did for me.

Worship and Praise

David is the only man in the history of the world refered to by God as "a man after My Own heart". Why is this man so loved and held up by God? David was the author of many sins in his life; adultery, murder, lust, pride, and the list goes on. Then how did this man, this shepard boy turned King find such peace with God? Because he knew how to worship and get into God's presence. He knew how to be real with God, and he was always ready to ask forgiveness. Over the centuries, Satan has stolen "the harp of David" from Gods people. It's time to take it back and to teach the soon-to-be bride of Christ, the church, how to worship as David did. God releases His gifts in power and glory to a worshiping church. New Creation Ministries offers teachings in worship in several different capacities. We do seminars, worship conferences, and concerts. We are also available to help churches identify God's annoited people in their own body for this ministry and help them to start their own praise and worship teams. Please let us know if we can help your church or organization. God Bless!

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