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Agape Christian Embassy

Golden Willow Plantation, Aiken County • suburb, SC 29164 • United States • Last updated:Nov. 27,2002

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God IS Love

  • IMPORTANT: Fragments of the Gospel of Matthew have been found which dates to before 66 AD.
  • IMPORTANT FIND: Stone box for the bones of James the Apostle and brother of Jesus our Lord!
  • "The Lord is full of Grace and compassion, His mercy is limitless and His displeasure is tempered with Love." Paraphrased from Psalm 145:8
  • PLEASE do not think that you, or I, will be carried away to safety in the so called secret rapture. This is NOT a sound Biblical doctrine. God lets the 'rain' fall upon the JUST and the unjust. Protection will come by TRUSTING in Him to preserve us THROUGH the horrible conflagration (Rev 8&9). Please Read Revelation 8 and 9.There you will find a group having the SEAL OF GOD in their forehead (total and complete TRUSTin their God.) See Chapter 9, verse 4.
  • God loves YOU with INFINITE love.

      PEACE be unto you. NOT as the world giveth peace.
    • Love your enemies. Love and hate CANNOT exist harmoniously in the same mind. The 'demon' of hate WILL rule in the mind not FULLY dedicated to Christ.
    • We ALL have a master OR masters. Who is yours?
    • God is MORE merciful than we deserve. see Job11:6
    • Click here to learn all about the wonderful CHARACTER of God.
    • IMPORTANT NEW INFO:Click this URL:Armageddon Now
    The Armageddon site will shake you up. Time is running out! It is with INFINITE love that God is willing to delay the return of His Son. He is not willing that any be without the knowledge of His saving grace.
  • ?Preparing for the END!
  • A little over 100 years ago a sweet little old lady made a prophecy. She said that when the End of the World is approaching, there will be "Convulsions in NATURE."
  • Let's see now:
  • Hurricanes have destroyed parts of Texas, and Louisiana, fires in California have killed people and destroyed homes, Tornadoes are gaining in numbers and deadly destruction year by year.
  • Earthquakes are increasing in size and destruction. The number of volcano eruptions is increasing. Life forms are dwindling or disappearing at an alarming rate.
  • GLOBAL warming is causing the loss of jobs for humans, and the lives of an increasing variety of animals. The habitats for sea creatures are disappearing and the sea creatures are dwindling or GONE entirely. And we can't count out the Tsunami's! See Luke 21:25
  • Floods are wiping out food sources and food. Drought is doing the same.
  • Folks, it's nearly over. Don't delay a moment longer, to get you life in harmony with the way Jesus would have it be.
  • A BIG test is just over the horizon: All humans will have to decide whether they will obey the law of the coming One World Government (OWG) or die.
  • There will be executions for those who refuse loyalty to the OWG.
  • For a little while before the Gov. calls for the death penalty, the OWG will try persecution.
  • Persuasion doesn't work for ANY of the TRUE Christians, so execution is then ordered.
  • Note: Those who decide to obey the OWG are said to have the Mark of the Beast. The remainder, the loyal Christians, are said to have the Seal of God! See Revelation 7:3
  • At this very moment God is on His Judgment Seat, Judging those who have passed away. Very SOON, if not already, He will begin Judging the living.
  • PS: There is NO place where those who have died are being punished. There is NO hell fire, ANYWHERE! BUT, there IS a Devil, and he is in his 'roaring LION' stage.
  • Hell and Hades is used SYMBOLICALLY to refer to the decomposition of those who have died. Jesus and a 'couple' of others are the ONLY humans that have EVER escaped death.
  • That includes Mary, the mother of Jesus, contrary to what the Catholic church would have us believe.
  • And, according to the Bible, David is still in the 'decomposition' stage.
  • Some may disagree, some may laugh, but know this for CERTAIN, if they don't change their direction they WILL BE weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth.
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