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Sunlite Ministries

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Global Evangelization via media

Sunlite Ministries is dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel through the use of media. This includes, but is not limited to: Radio and Television Broadcasts, Video Conferencing on the World Wide Web, audio/visual training materials and seminars. Our current projects include the "First Global School of Evangelization" to be held on the internet December 1, 1996. We will use CU-SeeMe web conferencing software available free on the web.

Sunlite Radio Debuts on The Web Feb. 1, 1997

Sunlite Radio, a new, interactive radio station on the World Wide Web will begin broadcasting gospel music and outstanding Bible teaching programs, on Feb. 1, 1997. The unique musical blend of gospel, country gospel and black gospel music should be welcome to listeners around the world. The programming will be broadcast in the RealAudio format. The internet address is: If you have a broadcast ministry and would like to join the affiliates of Sunlite Radio, please e-mail us at

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