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The Lucas Scott Livingston Memorial Fund

c/o The Columbia Foundation, 10221 Wincopin Circle • Columbia, MD 21045 • United States • 410-730-7840

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Lucas Scott Livingston Memorial

Lucas Livingston died at age 6 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1992 following a bone marrow transplant performed in an effort to cure his leukemia. His family has established a memorial fund in his memory which provides a housing alternative for families whose children are being treated for cancer at Johns Hopkins. A suite of rooms bearing Lucas's name was dedicated in 1993. Many families facing the worst moments of their lives have found refuge there. The hotel has provided the suite at a discounted rate and hundreds of individuals, foundations, and corporations have contributed to establish and maintain this memorial. Contributions are needed to make this gift permanently available.

Book Available

I have written a book entitled "Only Spring" (HarperCollins, 1995) which describes my family's struggle with Lucas's illness and the first two years of my mourning. It has a foreword by novelist Mark Helprin who says that, "Never in my life have I read anything as moving as this." Bernie Siegal suggests, "Let Lucas's life and 'Only Spring' be your teachers." This is a story about loss, love, and healing. It is available for $10 from the address below. All proceeds go to support Lucas's memorial fund. Gordon Livingston, M.D., 5993 The Bowl, Columbia, MD 21045

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