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Teens for Christ

4103 Gun Barrel Rd., • Rushville, OH 43150 • United States • 614-536-7243

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Administrator; Shad Kistler

Teens for CHRIST is an organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of JESUS CHSIST . Reaching teens across central Ohio and hopefully across the world in a matter of time . Our main goal is to show the teens of the "world" that being a CHRISTIAN can be fun . To give them a place to get out of the "world's" setting and be completly surrounded by the love of CHRIST in a way to attract the youth of today. WE NEED TO TAKE OUR CHILDREN BACK FROM satan . It's time to be a true example of what a "CHRISTIAN" should be to our kids today.

From my heart;

I have a tremendous burden on my heart for the youth todoay. I see satan tormenting and destroying the teens of the world. The youth today are un an outrage . They are participating in sex , drugs and alcholisim at younger ages today than ever before. they grow up with the idea " it's okay to drink just don't drive " " it's okay to have sex just wear a condom ". These kids grow having no morals , values , rules , and a major lack of love and discpline . A lot of todays homes are broken , drunken , and un-Spiritfilled enviroments. The teens today are in a desperate state. We need to show them the agape love of CHRIST !!!!! If you feel this same burden I do , please contact me !! IN HIS SERVICE, Shad S. Kistler

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