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Nation Hood Ministries

6345 W Rose Lane, • Phoenix, AZ 80301 • United States • 602/934-1093

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Mission Statement

1. To provide a means for the Church to touch the local community,
reaching into places and rescuing people we normally
do not have access to.
2. To connect these people with the ministy of the local
church, especially home cell groups. And to connect these
people to other community resources, meeting their needs
through programs such as the Boys & Girls club, Head Start,
Teen Pregnancy Hot-Line and others.
3. To connect all believers with ministry. To mentor and allow
these people to discover thier God given giftings and
calling and to operate in them.

The Ministry

To empower churches nationwide through training and curriculum,
to take a stage that unfolds out from a box trailer into
their community, preaching the gospel, declaring the good news
of great joy, restoring blind eyes, healing the lame, freeing
the captives, proclaiming the way of our Lord through drama,
human videos, musical bands, worship teams, preaching and
testimonies. To give people the opportunity for salvation
through Jesus Christ and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

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