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* To work with indigenous Latin American and Hispanic mission agencies to provide financial assistance to missionaries reaching the nations.

* To create awareness and financial responsibility regarding emerging Latin American and Hispanic missions among every believer and congregation in the United States.


*To provide a vehicle by which the evangelical church in the United States could become a partner in the efforts of emerging Hispanic and Latin American missions involved in world evangelism. In the past six years we have been achieving our goal through two programs: The "Partnership" program provides a monthly offering to a missionary family to help them meet expenses. 20 missionaries families were being helped in this way with offerings ranging from $20.00 tp $50.00 per month. Our second program is: The "Trailblazing" program, is meant to meet special needs of our missionaries. Over 10 such projects have been funded since our inception; among these have been providing funds for AMEN's applied missiology Schools in Peru and Colombia (EMLA), providing visa fees for missionaries. *While we are not a large organization, we are proud of the fact that we fill a niche that is largely ignored by traditional "mainstream" missionary agencies. Your support encourages our vision and motivates us to keep on going. We hope we can continue to serve as many churches and individual in the U.S. as a channel for meeting the needs of Hispanics and Latin Americans engaged in furthering the Lord's work. HAMSS is a non-profit organization in accordance with section 501(c)3 of the IRS code. Your contribution is tax-deductible and is forwarded 100% to the mission field.

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