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Introducing- Larry Seiler

Greetings, and welcome to my arts missionary site. I am a Wisconsin native, having grown up for the most part in Green Bay for 26 years, then traveled to northwest Wisconsin for 11 years, down to the Eau Claire area for six years, and now two hours north of Green Bay where I am teaching art in the public schools once again.

Since 1984, I have had nearly a dizzying mix of experiences! As an artist, I have won Wisconsin's 1984 Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, and been a runner-up twice more. In state and nationals conservation stamp competitions I have been a runner up or finalist 23 of 33 times entered. I won Wisconsin's 1998 Inland Trout Stamp as well. I have had association with Wild Wings publishers out of Lake City, Minnesota and a number of representations. I have switched gears and discovered a passion for painting oils on location out of doors, called "plein air painting" and am a frequent contributing editor for (an artist's community online of about 2200 artist members; see- "" where I have roughly about 9 how-to's for artists. For convenience, I have listed all those instructionals at my Arts Website- "" You'll notice the website lets you learn more about me as an artist, where you can look at my work, check out free online demo's, etc; and about me as a musician with info on CD's that are out, background, etc;

Over the past 20 some years, I have taught visual arts in the public schools and served as a youth pastor three different times. While in NW Wisconsin, I took on the thrill of being the frontman for an 80's Christian contemporary band, "Pursuit" with Minneapolis being our primary outreach of youth. Currently, I am living and teaching art in NE Wisconsin's Nicolet National Forest. Musically, I still perform in a blues/folk style, and will be recording a CD this spring in Georgia.

You can see an online review by Phantom Tollbooth of one of my earlier cassette releases-
Also available now online are compressed Real Audio and mp3 file sample songs at under "Music Update." Keep looking there for CD release information as it develops.

My "Vision" for the Midwest/Great Lakes Region

Little did I know when I would come on staff with ACT, that my relocating to the northeastern part of Wisconsin would indeed be like that far away distancing so many missionaries are acquainted with. There are very few evangelical believers that my wife and I have met in the last two years living here, feeling perhaps it best to be supportive and available for the existing community of faith denominations...encouraging the arts as one way to enhance, embrace, explore, and express faith.

I spend a great deal of time interacting with those needing encouragement, direction, instruction and mentoring online; and as opportunity and time permits, I travel- performing and speaking thru the vehicle of music, doing so in many varied atmospheres. Like many visual artists, I am working constantly to produce my art works and raise the standard bar for myself...always looking for inclusion into one more high end gallery.

My life verse is found in Romans chapter one, verse 21...that gives a very strong warning out to those that know God, but forget to maintain a heart filled with thanksgiving, and neglect to honor/glorify God. For me, painting is an active means to celebrate life. To find beauty even in that which many see as mundane and ordinary; opening eyes to look again, and find oneself contemplating upon the wonders of this world and that perhaps there is a Great love behind its existence. A love to be found out, and celebrated!

Like many missionairies, I too have needs...and would encourage anyone interested and so led, to consider supporting my ministry, where I encounter any number of opportunities to reach out to people that would like to engage creatively but cannot afford to, and whom in so doing can be encouraged and instructed in how to open their hearts toward the Lord. This covers anything from helping a young teenager get his/her first guitar, to an aspiring painter getting their first French easel and paint materials, or even my expenses in traveling and serving. Contact me and inquire how you might help...or, perhaps you are seeking advisement's and encouragement.

Larry Seiler, is available during summer travel and instruct artist workshops; to share in teaching ministries concerning the arts & the vision for the church in these times in building up the saints and how to develop strategies to more effectively reach out into the culture; I am available also to perform and minister through music in coffeehouse style.

You can contact Larry by email at-
by phone- (715) 674-7066
by mail- PO Box 112, Laona, WI 54541

What is ACT?-

Artists in Christian Testimony (ACT) is a missions board and sending agency...comprised of artists from all disciplines, and creative church plannters, committed to effecting Biblical & culturally relevant worship, evangelism, Christian community formation, and marketplace impact for Christ; who are...
* helping empower & mobilize musicians and artists for world evangelization
* helping people worship and proclaim Christ through music and the arts
* helping resource church leaders to bring relevant worship to, and win worshippers from, all the nations
* helping equip musicians and artists for ministry and missions; whether church-based or marketplace-based;
* helping impact our cultures for Christ through contexutualized (culturally meaningful) artistic expression.

Our to help equip the church- and especially its artists and leaders, to more fully embrace the arts in our worship of God and in the task of proclaiming (in Christ's name), His truth, beauty, glory and salvation to all peoples of the world.

Four-Fold Objectives: 1) Empowering music, arts and church planter ministries and providing the non-profit structure and services needed to free up and preserve ministry. 2) Equipping musicians and artists in spiritual formation, Biblical philosophy of ministry, ministry skills, art & technical skills for the church and/or marketplace ministry. 3) Resourcing Church and mission leaders in appropriate worship and arts communication ministry strategy and training. 4) Networking that initiates and promotes various existing and new arts and arts-training programs around the world in at least 7 areas: music, theater, dance, visual arts, ethnic arts, multi-media, plus- training in discipleship, spiritual formation, ministry philosophy, missions & worship.

ACT's Mission-
* release an army of arts ministry specialists into Christian ministry world wide.
* help raise a new generation of arts-oriented Christian ministers and missionairies
* help reclaim the arts for Christ in this generation
* help establish worship & arts ministry strategy as a formally recognized ministry discipline.

ACT's president and director is Reverend Byron Spradlin, whom is also Chairman of the Board of the international "Jews for Jesus Ministry." ACT is based out of Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Some of ACT's board members include- Ted Bleymaier, Int'l Vice President, Word Records; Scott Wesley Brown, Christian Recording Artist; Rev Dale Evrist, Sr. Pastor, New Song Christian Fellowship; Dr. Vernon Grounds, Chancellor- Denver Theological Seminary; Dr. Moishe Rosen, founder- Jews for Jesus; Tom Stolberg, Vice President & Sr. Financial Consultant- Merrill Lynch; Mr. Cleo Shook, former Exec Vice President- World Relief;

To contact ACT Headquarters-

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