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Jacob & Heidi Hust (East African Children's Homes

Bible & Literacy League World Missions, 8955 Old LeMay Ferry Road • Hillsboro, MO 63050 • United States • 1-314-789-4368

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Let the Children Sing a New Song (Psalm 119)

Jacob & Heidi Hust are working to facilitate national leaders in establishing self sufficient, family style children's homes and/or Christian foster care. They will structure the homes so that the children grow physically,spiritually, emontionally and within the structure of their own culture. They will also provide healing, stability, and preparation for a mature relationship in Christ for all the children they work with.
We are currently raising our support and are in need of the following: $ 2,000 monthly support - $10,000 for a vehicle - $10,000 startup costs

Mission Statement

We commit ourselves to leading children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We will do this by providing the most nurturing environment possible. We will disciple the children toward a mature relationship with God so that they will have everything they need despite their outward circumstances. We want the children to be so filled by the Holy Spirit, that they will sing a new song to the Lord; not a song of torment and weeping, but a song of praise for God's salvation and marvelous deeds. We commit ourselves to being the hands and feet of Jesus and His eyes of compassion on this earth. We will yield ourselves to the Spirit of the Lord and be obedient to His calling at any cost to ourselves for Jesus' sake.

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