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Public Domain UMC Hymns in MIDI

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Public Domain UMC Hymns in MIDI

Clicking on the links below will connect you to public domain hymns from The United Methodist Hymnal, in MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) format. Some browsers can be configured to play MIDI files through your computer's sound card while you are on line, which is kind of a fun diversion, but I have posted this in the hope that people will use them in conjunction with music in their churches and other gatherings. They can be played through electronic keyboards, and they can also be used with music publishing software to transpose and print parts for instrumentalists. (For example, many churches have some pretty good junior high musicians, but they can't transpose and can't play along with the hymns during service. Transposing for a B flat trumpet or F horn would make a world of difference for them, and it would open the opportunity for more members of the faith the use their talents to the glory of God.)

Anyway, that's why I'm doing this. Many thanks to NetMinistries for allowing me to post this page.

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