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Fruits of Repentance

John the Baptist preached about fruits of repentance prior to the beginning of Jesus' ministry.  If you have 
two tunics and your neighbor has none sharing with a neighbor shows God that your heart has changed.  
Jesus himself spoke about fruits throughout his ministry. In Matthew 25 he dramatically emphasized 
them.  He spoke of giving water, food, clothing, and time as fruits of repentance.   James later explained 
that faith without works is dead.   
In our day the importance of fruits may be diminished as believers emphasize other aspects of "being a 
Christian."  Giving a shirt, sharing groceries, or money, may not seem to be important.  Yet, after four 
hundred years of silence this is what the prophet emphasized in Jesus' day.  And it is just as important for 
us today.  There will always be fruits of the new life in Christ. 
Since 1983, this theme has compelled In His Name Ministries to reach out to the Oklahoma City 
community. The ministry offers individual Christians, and churches, specific cases of human need to 
which they may respond.  Christians whose hearts are open to God respond to these needs, showing the 
fruits of their repentance.    
Typical cases of need which may be found in any town are a call to action for the Christian community. 
- An elderly widow who needs a new water heater, or an overdue utility bill  
- An abandoned wife (and mother) who cannot pay her immediate bills. 
- A disabled person who faces six months without income while Social Security tediously ponders their 
eligibility for assistance. 
The Spirit of God guides His people into appropriate responses to human need.  Loving a neighbor by 
meeting his need is a spiritual act - a fruit of repentance. 

As Christ Loved Us

Loving Others As Christ Has Loved Us 
In His Name Ministries, an interfaith Christian ministry, has been serving the needy in Central Oklahoma 
since 1983, by directly giving financial assistance, or by informing caring Christian people about specific 
needs to which they may respond.   
Who Receives Help?  
A variety of human situations demand response by the Christian community.  Here are some examples.   
Ina Lee, a mentally disabled retired waitress, had been a widow for twenty years. A friend reported her 
situation to the ministry. She needed groceries.  So Margaret and Dee Stribling, co-directors of the 
ministry, purchased and delivered food. Later a Sunday School class in nearby Yukon, OK began to help 
the woman regularly.  One man became their outreach person.  He kept in touch and reported needs back 
to his Sunday School Class.  Later they took up a collection and re-roofed her home.  When she asked to 
meet the people who had been helping her, they took her to a class picnic where she was their guest of 
Linda, a single parent, mother of six children, first called the ministry in 1986.  One of her daughters 
needed insulin, and their supply of groceries was low.  Their income was very meager - no room in the 
budget for extra expenses.  So over the years she has received groceries, clothing, utility assistance and 
has been introduced to a dozen or more people, some of whom kept in touch with her.  A single woman in 
her early twenties shared clothing and took hamburgers on her visit.  She became a special friend of the 
teen age girl in the family. Often the ministry could not respond to her need.  But through help from other 
sources she has kept going.  Recently she and her husband remarried.  
Cheryl, a registered nurse became physically disabled.   The ministry helped pay bills, and located a group 
to move her belongings into a senior center.  Another local ministry also gave her substantial help.   When 
she was granted a favorable judgment by the Social Security court, she began to befriend others to whom 
we introduced her.  She now writes letters, prays for individuals and sometimes sends someone $10 to 
help pay a bill.  
Leslie was unemployed.  He, his wife and their two year old baby lived briefly with a relative, but when 
the relative moved they had no place to live.   He got a job changing tires at a truck stop on I-40, and his 
wife also was employed the same week at a McDonalds.  The ministry helped them with first month's 
rent, and part of the deposit on their electric bill.  One other agency also gave financial help.   

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