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Missionair, Inc.

9774 Atlantic Blvd., • Jacksonville, FL 32225 • United States • 904-721-0820

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Short term Missions change lives!!!

You or your church can now go, cost effectively, to the uttermost part of the earth! Missionair can help you plan, and execute a successful missions trip to a third world country. There are many unreached people groups who are often best reached by air. By becoming a part of Missionair, you are in control of your short term missions trip. Your DC-3 airliner can place you and your group on any mission field in the Caribbean or Central America. There you will work with local missionaries and hold evening,outdoor, evangelistic crusades with the "Jesus Film" in various languages! Not only will you help win souls and change the lives of others, YOUR life will never be the same! For information on how Missionair can help you personally fulfill your part of the Great Commission, call, write, or E-Mail Missionair 9774 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl. 32225 904-721-0820 Voice or Fax Web Site: E-Mail

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