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Last Days Evangelism Can Be EFFECTIVE !

Blueprint For Revival Ministries shares the Gospel message through traditional and high-tech methods.

Throughout the world, free materials generated through Blueprint Ministries are reaching souls.
Audiotapes containing the Old Time Gospel Message without compromise
are being heard weekly by thousands. Video tapes are produced to train the God-called national workers, rather than sending foriegn missionaries.
Three new Bible Institutes in West Africa have been established to anchor the laborers of God in His Word.

PRAY with us for MORE laborers to be sent into the fields.

Cults and false religions from all parts of the world are feverishly exploiting the ignorant. The Word of God is alive, sharp, and
powerful, and is able to bring people to Jesus. He has not changed, nor has His Great Commission.
PRAY with us for continuing resources to be able to encourage these
dedicated and anointed native workers as they stand against the enemy
of men's souls to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here's an example of what God is doing

One 30 year old young man has labored tirelessly to bring the Gospel into Northern Ghana. He drives his bicycle to the northern region of Takoradi, where many pastors have abandoned their churches and congregations for the "easier life" in the capitol city of Accra. Fundamentalist Muslims have moved into the area, proclaiming that they are the only ones who really care. At a recent pastor's conference, it was stated that all missionaries, too, had left, except for one, and she was on furlough. Yet, on less than what it costs for one tankful of gasoline, a young man on a bike brings the Gospel to thousands in that region every month. Being yielded to the Spirit of God, knowing the language and the people, he is able to see the results that some missionaries have only dreamed of. He is presenting the Gospel in the public schools, on streets, in churches, and even in secular youth organizations. Pray for precious souls like him, who risk their lives for the Lord Jesus !

Last Days Evangelism IS URGENT !!!

We believe that there is a limited window of opportunity to reach the
world before Jesus returns.

We do not accept the view that the world
is getting better and better. In fact, it is entirely possible that
the Church throughout much of the world will have to do the work of
evangelism through "underground" means in the near future. Our desire is to maximize
the great opportunities we have today, and reach people with the
Gospel, focusing upon the Church's calling (not that which appeals
to the most people).

We ask for your PRAYERS as we work alongside other Christian
organizations to fulfill the Great Commission as the Lord Jesus wants
it to be accomplished !

PRAY for strength, wisdom, and a continual fulness of the Spirit for Dr. Ed MacWilliams, as he leads this exciting evangelistic and edification ministry !

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