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In God We Trust Ministries

103 North Tyler, P. O. Box 495 • Big Sandy, TX 75755 • United States • 903 636-9972

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Our Purpose

To help churches to grow through the preaching and teaching of the Holy Spirit ministry in the world today.

To remember always the responsibility of the believer to the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Who We Are

I am a Pastor of a Church who has a passion for the winning of those who are lost. My wife works by my side in all that I do. We are an evangelism team.

Our Income

I am a consultant on Church Management Software as well as beta tester. As such I have been granted authorized re-seller status for the Software. It is currently the only ministry income we receive except donations. We provide a free demo which is a full working package only limited in time. When the trial period is up send a check and receive the password unlocking the limitation and your previous work is not disturbed. You can then proceed and never be bothered again. To receive current pricing and your demo send an E-mail toIn God We Trust Ministries Please include your snail mail address for the demo delivery.

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