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Full Time Three Year College

HBC offers three years of full time college to students or every nationality, age group and educational background

The First Year Certificate of Biblical Studies Course prepares every believer in the fundamentals of the Christian Faith. Looking at Basic Bible Doctrines, Foundations of Faith and the Reality of Being a New Creation, are just a taste of the subjects prepared to draw the student into a closer relationship with Father God.

The Second Year Diploma of Biblical Studies is a little more academic, offering the student New Testament Greek, Christian Doctrine and Church History alongside other such subjects as The Anointing and Spiritual Warfare. Whether a layman or someone called into the ministry, this course equips the student with a solid foundation in the Word of God and establishes the student in faith.
The Third Year Diploma of Ministerial Studies is for the student planning to go into ministry and offers a much more practical application of the Word of God, with Computers for Ministry, Christian Counselling, and even Simple DIY and Basic Car Mechanics, in preparation for the mission field!. Field Trips and Church placements are part of this year and the student will graduate with a greater understanding of what it is to be in ministry. Many Bible Colleges graduate students who can pray, preach and even raise the dead, but cannot conduct a marriage ceremony or funeral and wouldn't know what to do if they were faced with having no secretary or bookkeeper! This year addresses all these practical issues and well as deeper study into the Word of God.
Many of our graduates are in ministry today. One has started eight churches in Czechoslovakia and is currently working to establish an orphanage in India
Another pastors a very successful church in North London (actually, there are so many churches pastored by graduates of HBC that is is impossible to count them!)
Not all our graduates are pastoring churches! One is the Regional Director of a very large encyclopaedia company; several have written books and are travelling ministries; and some are even tutors here at HBC!

Distance Learning Program

Offered as Three, one-year courses, each containing twelve 'modules', the HBC Distance Learning Program blessed thousands of students all over the world.

The First Year, offering subjects such as Blood Covenant, New Creation Realities, The Armour Bearer, and many more, is a good, solid foundation for anyone, whether you are planning to go into ministry or not.
Second Year covers another twelve subjects, mostly taken from the First Year Full Time course.
Third Year, on completion of the Twelve additional modules, offers the graduate a Certificate of Biblical Studies, which is equivalent to a First Year Full Time Course.

There is no time limit for each module, or course, so the student can study at his/her own pace. On completion of each module the student will complete the examination, found in a sealed envelope that accompanies the audio cassettes and teaching outlines, and returns the completed forms to the HBC London address for marking. Students in the US receive their audio tapes from our Florida office:
HBC, PO Box 1937, Boca Raton, Fl 33429.
e-mail address:
Or you can call our President and Founder, Michael Bassett, who is the Director for the Distance Learning Program in the United States, for information (407) 998 0527.
All diplomas and certficates will be issued from HBC London.

HBC also offers part time courses, computer studies in both PC-based and Apple Macintosh-based platforms and English as a Foreign Language Courses.
This is just the beginning! Our vision is large! Someone once said that if you are not involved in a project that is so awesome that if God is not in it , it will fail, then it's not God! We at HBC know exactly what that person meant! We KNOW that God is the author and finisher of our faith and the Word we stand on is Isaiah 41:20:
"That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it."
PLEASE PRAY FOR US: that we can become an accredited college in the near future - we are working towards that end.
For more students from around the world to come to London to study the Word of God. For an increase in our Audio Distance Learning Program students For partners to pray and support this ministry financially, so that we are in a position to help students from Third World Nations with their fees. God Bless You.

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