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Kids For Christ Ministries

c/o Lara Hill, 323 Huntington Ave • Glendora, NJ 08029 • United States • 609-939-6357

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What is Kids for Christ?

Kids for Christ Ministries is an organization that reaches out to teenagers in the real world, believers and non-believers.

Kids for Christ is a non-denominational ministry that is not supported by one church but by those called by God to bring the Gospel of Christ to teenagers in their own environment.

Kids for Christ believes that just as Jesus had to minister to the sinners of his day to show them that there was a better Way through His love, so too, teenagers need to be reached where they are, in their own brokeness and sin.

Kids for Christ strongly believes that teens on fire with the Love of Christ are the BEST way to reach other teens.

In a hurting and often disillusioned generation, today's teenagers hunger for the Truth more than ever before and those teens who have found Jesus Christ to be the Truth are the best vehicles to bear His light.

Is This Another Youth Group?

No. Kids for Christ equips Christian believers who are teenagers with the tools needed to reach out to their peers and proclaim the Gospel of Christ.

Our goal is not to replace the local church youth group but to supplement and support that organization. We provide opportunities for youth groups to network and so gain strength and support.

Our goal is to provide a meeting place for teenagers who have a heart for evangelism to gain the tools necessary to be effective witnesses of Christ's Love to a generation desperately in need.

Our goal is to provide times of refreshing and vision to teenagers in the midst of the everyday battle of life and their leaders.


Kids for Christ will be sponsoring three conferences in the Spring in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennslyvania area of youth leaders, Pastors, parents, and all those interested in working with youth evangelism. The theme for these conferences will be about Teenagers in the 1990's.

We will also be sponsoring a 90 minute, multi-media drama production in 20 public high schools in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area during the fall of 1996.

If you have any questions, comments or would like further information about how Kids for Christ can work with you or your ministry, please feel free to contact us!

May God bless you and all You do!!!!!

We are also planning to sponsor an Evangelistic Outreach at the New Jersey Shore during the Summer.

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