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New Life Intl Fellowship of Ministries, Inc

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Greetings  in  the  name  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ, The  preacher  looking  into  Ecclesiastes  4:  9  -  12,  quickly  realizes  that  there  is  strength  in numbers  and  also  understands  the  joy  of  fellowship  the  psalmist  talked  of  in  Psalms 133:1.  So  the  question  is  asked  “Can  you  trust  again?”  The  answer  is  “Yes  you  can!!!

This  is  a  call  to  all  independent  churches  and  ministries  in  the  body  of  Christ  who  have been  doing  the  work  of  ministry  that  the  Lord  has  given  you  to  do,  all  by  yourself;  no help  from  other  churches  or  leaders,  no  support  in  your  time  of  great  need.  Maybe you’ve  already  overcome  a  lot  of  the  obstacles  that  were  placed  in  your  way  and want  to  support  other  ministries.  This  call  is  to you.  Some  are  still  standing  tall,  some  are  barely  standing  at  all.  Through  your  many trails  and  experiences,  the  disappointments  and  let  downs,  you  have  lost  the  ability  to trust.  This  letter  is  a  “Clarion  Call  to  Fellowship”  saying  you  can  trust  again. 

NEW  LIFE  INTERNATIONAL  FELLOWSHIP  OF  MININSTRIES,  INC. We exist  to  exalt  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  edify  the  church  and  expanding  the  Kingdom  of God. 

We (New Life  Int‘l  Fellowship)  are  fellowship  of  independent,  full  gospel  and Pentecostal  believers  in  Jesus  Christ  interested  in  providing  a  structured  fellowship  to serve  pastors,  evangelists,  missionaries,  and  all other  ministries  of  the  five-fold  calling  according  to  Ephesians  4:  11  -  12. We extend  to  you  an  invitation  to  consider  this  fellowship  as  a  means  of  introducing your  ministry  to  other  ministries  in  the  United  States  and  around  the  world  by  joining together  with  one  common  goal-  REACHING  THE  LOST  AND  HURTING  FOR  JESUS  CHRIST.

Our  Fellowship  is  committed  to:  Fervent  witness  to  the  Gospel  in  the  United  States  and other  nations.  Serving  with  simplicity  and  sacrifice.  An  authority  of  influence  without control.  The  ministry  of  reconciliation;  in  seeking  to  restore  broken  lives,  relationships, churches  and  ministries.  An  emphasis  of  worship  and  the  manifestations  of  the  spiritual gifts  among  our  Fellowship.  Recognition  and  affirmation  of  the  diversity  of  continuing gifts,  offices  and functions  within  the  body  of  Christ. 

Yours  in  Christ,

Bishop  R.  Kaleef-ali, Retired


"We exist to exalt our Lord Jesus Christ, edify the Church and expanding the Kingdom of God"

Presiding Bishop Jerry Augusta Sowah

PO. BOX LA 566, LA11:04 AMAccra-Ghana, West/Africa

New Life International Fellowship of Ministries, Inc. is a cooperative fellowship of ministers, missions and ministries who are committed to global evangelism, discipleship and fellowship. We do this by providing leadership and education to equip believers for work of ministry.
We have members in United States and overseas who are currently serving as Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists. Our members are eligible for licensing and ordination into the gospel ministry and our vision includes the establishment of new ministries and missions in communities around the world to teach and disciple new believers in order that the Kingdom of God can be preached to all nations. 
This fact sheet gives brief information about our Fellowship.  
"We exist to exalt our Lord Jesus Christ, edify the Church and expanding the Kingdom of God"
We Believe...
•    That the Bible (Old and New Testament) is the inspired Word of God 
•    In the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus 
•    In One God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit 
•    In Christ's second coming 
•    In salvation by Grace 
•    In regeneration by the Holy Spirit 
•    In water baptism by Immersion 
•    In miracles of Healing 
•    In the baptism of the Holy Spirit 
•    In the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit 
•    In two ordinances of the church: water baptism and the Lord’s Supper
•    In death/separation from God for those who reject Christ as Lord and Savior 
•    In eternal life in the Kingdom of God for those who accept Christ as Lord and Savior
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All interested ministers and ministries must agree and sign the New Life International Fellowship of Ministries Statement of  Association, which reads as follows:
*Willingness to operate under principles of biblical accountability in relationship with the Presiding Bishop, the Board of Directors, Council of Overseers and Bylaws of the New Life International Fellowship of Ministries. 
*Willingness to receive instruction and pastoral direction from the leadership of this corporate ministry. 
*Willingness to contribute to the financial welfare of the Fellowship through various means as led by the Holy Spirit. 
*An absolute and total commitment to preach and teach biblical truth as revealed in the Word of God by the Holy Spirit. 
*Willingness to receive correction and confrontation when any scriptural error is detected, and to humbly take corrective action when needed in the context of preaching and teaching. 
*Willingness to participate in ongoing ministerial and biblical training, and specifically to draw upon the resources of the New Life Bible Institute (which is New Life International Fellowship education platform) as needed. 
*Willingness to provide Godly excellence in all areas of pastoral and ministerial work, with an eagerness to obtain and obey the direction of God in all matters of ministry and personal spiritual growth. 
*Willingness also to submit periodic reports of progress, with projections about the future of your ministry. 
*Willingness to coordinate our efforts and calendars and to cooperate in mutual support of one another when possible.  
*Willingness to conduct all church and personal business in a manner that is above approach, with all business and financial matters well-documented and carefully organized.
We offer solid, caring fellowship for those who have recently answered the call to ministry, whether that is as a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Christian Worker or Minister. You are welcome to become a member of New Life International Fellowship of Ministries, Inc. 
So whether you have decades of experience or looking to get started there is a place for you.

Bishop Jerry Augusta Sowah 
Presiding Bishop of New Life International Fellowship of Ministries, Inc.







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