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Brave's Ministry Service & Jail Ministry

4203 South Olive street • Los Angeles, California 90037 • United States • 6286280208

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Licensed Minister Service.

Hello Everyone my name is Bravewolf but I go by Brave I'm a 61 year old legally Ordained Minister I have been a licensed, Minister now since 2017.

I'm a Nom demonational Minister, I respect all 

Religions and everyone's religious beliefs, I'm authorized to legally performs Weddings here in 

los Angeles county and other areas I also try to keep up with all the current Weddings Vows of the different religions like Baptist, Catholic,  Christian etc. And other services you might 


Brave's Jail Ministry Service.

My name is Bravewolf but I go by Brave I'm hopeing to become a volunteer Chaplain for 

The Los Angeles county jail system an,

 Religious services. To become a, Chaplain

An speak an work an pray with the inmates

Housed in the Los Angeles county jails, like

The Twin Towers complex an other locations.

An let the inmates know, that not everyone has

Forgotten about them on the outside world.

And that their Family an friends still care about 

Them an Love them very much, an worry about

Them. And to let them know their only human

We all make mistakes in our lives, But that 

Jesus an God still loves them, an forgives,

Them for their Crimes an sins they might have

Commited before they were arrested. And that

Not all the inmates that locked up in jail are 

Actually guilty of a crime they did'nt commit,

There are actually hundreds an thousand of

Inmates housed in our local jails an prisons 

An all the jails an prisons throughout the U.S.

There are inmates that currentely incarcerated

That are actually innocent of the crimes they 

Were arrested for an accused of. But 

The Lord wants them to know to never

Give up on themselves an to keep 

Praying to God all the time an ask,

Jesus to forgive them for their Sins an

To become their Savior an to protect 

Them at all times, an watch over them 

And their Families. I Pray for all the 

Inmates an their Familys.





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