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Fountain of Life. Christian church

2100 N Winery Ave • Fresno, CA 93703 • United States • 559-353-1960 • Bible Church

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About The Fountain of Life.

From Pastor Andrey Trybunalau

The Fountain of Life is to fulfill the Great Commandment by taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God. Our ministry is here to help all American-Slavic families to find peace, comfort, and unity in Jesus Christ.

The Fountain of Life outreach is primarily, but not exclusively, for the Slavic community. We will assist you in help with the English language as well as direct you to the right place for a job, public help, or legal assistance.

We will also provide encouraging seminars, help on how to adapt to a new country and culture, based on experiences from other ministry members, and counseling for families or individuals.

The Fountain of Life affiliates with Pastor Tom Sims and  The Fellowship of Joy Church.

Place of worship

We are meeting for worship and fellowship at the 4141 N Fresno Str., Fresno CA 93726

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Sunday Bible Study


Wednesday Bible Study


Our Staff

Andrey Trybunalau

Tom Sims